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Hello non-existent readers and watchers. Today I bring you grave news. 

As you may have noticed (or not, whatever) I am ridiculously inactive on deviantArt. Truth is, most of my time is spent on Tumblr (It's kind of a problem. Okay not kind of. Send help) and hence most of my art is being posted there. If you are interested in seeing everything I've been up to there, you can find me at and my drawings are under my art tag.

Anyway what I'm getting at is that I don't use this platform as much as I should. Or want to. Idk. I tried coming back to it, but truth is I'm a little... embarrassed (?) at both the old art I have here as well as my username (like seriously I've had this thing since I was what, 13?). And yeah, some people would say all that old work is part of your "growth" or "journey" or whatever, and other people would say I could just delete it, but I have my reasons. Also yeah I could buy a membership and hence change my name but that's a bit much, and kind of a waste because I have no idea how membership works and what it's good for lol.

ANYWAY. I want to move on to a more sensible sort of path, where I can keep just the art and work that I'm comfortable showing publicly. So yeah, I'm moving out. I don't mean to say I'm leaving dA though. I'm going to make a new account, move the pieces I actually like from this account to that new one, as well as update it with all of my recent work. So expect the most recent things from here to disappear, as well as some of the older ones. Some drawings will stay, but just for the sake of archiving. I'll try to clean this account up as much as possible, and make sure to direct anyone who comes across it to my new one. So if you're interested, I will be moving to the account colourmefred.

It would mean a lot to me if you followed me onto this new account, favouriting the pieces you once did (if they're there) and sticking with me because man that'd be really cool of you. But if not, I hope you enjoyed what I did here while I was redfred92.

So with this, I bid adieu to redfred92. It's been a great time, but it's time I cleaned up and whatnot. Thanks for sticking around this long, I hope you follow me to my new account.

TL;DR - redfred92 is no more. colourmefred is my new account, where I will be moving just the art I like/am proud of. 

See you round, pseudo-readers. It's been fun.


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Current Residence: Singapore
Favourite genre of music: Indie Rock, Rock
Favourite style of art: Graphic Design / Fan Art / Animation
Operating System: Windows 7

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Hey man, I'm a super Zelda fan as u are...
I would like to see your comments in some of my Zelda stuff on my profile... It would be a pleasure to me.

I also think that we should be friends
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Thanks for the fave on my Link sketch!
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